Smoothies Round Up

To refresh, since January 1, we have been trying to have smoothies “mostly” for dinner.   We eat either a granola bar or granola with milk or yogurt for breakfast, salads for lunch and a hearty (pun intended) smoothie for dinner.   Here is a round-up of what we have tried so far.

Please note it is impossible for me to take a picture of a smoothie that is either good or appetizing looking.  Also please note that these were much more appetizing than my previous smoothie post.   In fact, almost all of these could be made for dessert.

Kale-Ginger Smoothie (from Julia at The Roasted Root via Oh My Veggies) is delicious.

2014-01-07 18.49.47 (1)

Chocolate-Avocado Smoothie (from Texanerin) is very nearly a dessert and actually reminds me of an avocado chocolate pudding that we make.

2014-01-07 17.19.11

Apple Pie Smoothie (from Hummusapien) is another near dessert smoothie but it is really filling with one raw apple, oatmeal and flax seed.

dont worry

So, I thought my picture was better for this apple pie smoothie but then I noticed how all the wrinkles showed up in my nearly dearly departed apple.  (Be assured that these apples were Arkansas Blacks and they are still delicious and crisp inside.)

I obviously still need some smoothie picture taking tips!  Please help!

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