Food ‘n Flix Announcement: Moonstruck

I am hosting the June Food ‘n Flix round and I am über excited.   In fact, I am over-the-moon!


This month I chose Moonstruck.   I just realized this is another 80s film like my last Food ‘n Flix hosting gig with The Breakfast Club.   What can I say?  The 80s were good to me.  


For those of you who don’t remember the 80s, Moonstruck won Cher a Best Actress Oscar and Olympia Dukakis the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.   It also won Best Screenplay.    Besides these wins, nominations included Best Supporting Actor (Vincent Gardenia), Best Director (Norman Jewison) and Best Picture.

It has been a number of years since I saw this film.  In fact, I am pretty sure I saw it upon release in a theater in 1987.   I need to rewatch it again for this round, but here is a short synopsis for you.

Cher’s character, Loretta Castorini, is a “plain Jane” bookkeeper from Brooklyn.     She has agreed to marry her late-husband’s best friend (Vincent Gardenia).     Major plot twist—she falls for his brother, played by Nicholas Cage.    There is a lot of Italian tradition in this film, both in food and custom.


See, they really took her look away, but stay tuned.  (What’s with those early Madonna-esque eyebrows?

I can’t wait to see what inspires you from this film about a wacky old-school Italian family and how one can truly “Snap outta it!” when confronted with life-changing

How to participate in Food ‘n Flix:
  1. Watch the chosen film:   Moonstruck.  Taking inspiration from the film, head into the kitchen and cook or bake or make something.
  2. Post about it on your blog with a link back to THIS post and a link to Food ‘n Flix.  Use of the logo is optional.
  3. Your post must be current (during month of film).  And, we don’t mind if your post is linked to other events…the more the merrier.
  4. Have fun with it!
  5. Email your entries to me (Debra) at and include:

~Your name
~Your blog’s name and URL
~The name of your dish and the permalink to the specific post you’re submitting
~Attach a photo of any size (or just give me permission to “pull” one from your post)
~Indicate “Food ‘n Flix Submission” in the subject line

Deadline for submissions is June 27, 2014 (by the end of the day, wherever you are).

Watch for the roundup to be posted shortly after this deadline!
I hope you participate this month.   For some more tips before your post, click here.

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