A Reindeer Barbershop Sextet (or root beer pack to go)

I feel obligated to again share with you, dear reader,  as we embark on another Christmas gift giving season that I am an often ungrateful gift recipient.    (For more on my Bah Humbug attitude, click here.)    I have received some scary pig teapots…,DSC01404-300x225some lovely wine glasses…,

DSC014051-e1324502026698-225x300lots of cat-themed items, regifted towel-sets (that were actually given by us to the gift giver the previous holiday), and lots of other items we will never use.

Now, perhaps due to my ungrateful attitude, our families either don’t gift at all, make only homemade items, or play Dirty Santa.

The Dirty Santa was new last year at one family celebration.    We had a blast.   I found some tremendously gross sounding bacon-flavored candy canes for me to take.   For The Hubs gift, I turned a six-pack of assorted craft root beer into a reindeer barbershop sextet.

2013-12-21 12.18.27

Quite the crew.

I saw this idea on Pinterest last year and this project was fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive.  I just added the mustaches to make them a barbershop sextet.

Reindeer Barbershop Sextet to Go

What you will need:
6 bottles of root beer (It is best if the brands do not have a label on the neck.)
12 google eyes
6 mustache 3-D stickers (or cut your own out of black felt)
6 small red pom poms
12 pipe cleaners
glue gun

Wipe the necks of the bottles clean with a bit of window cleaner.  Let dry.

Take two of the pipe cleaners and wrap them around the neck and attach by wrapping the ends.  Each antler takes one pipe cleaner.   Loop and shape into an antler.

Lay the bottle down.   Carefully using the glue gun, place two dots of glue where you want to place the eyes.   Press on eyes.  Next, place the mustache and either press it down (if using stickers) or glue on (if using homemade felt ones).   Place a drop of glue just above the mustache and press on a red pom pom.

Repeat process until you have all six bottles decorated.

You can now break up your sextet to give separately or you can place them all in a six-pack to go.

2013-12-21 12.20.18

I love the ‘stache.

I bought the root beer at Ida Red in Tulsa.   They threw in a blank six pack container that I decorated with vintage root beer labels.   Most of these designs I found on Google Images.

dad old_pretty_vintage_root_beer_shower_curtain root beer root beer 1 root beer 2

I copied them onto sticker paper and decorated the six-pack carrier.    I couldn’t resist putting these two vintage images on the ends.


I vintage Christmas PBR advertisement.


A retro 7-up advertisement.

I found both of these images (and a lot more cool Christmas prints) at an awesome site:   Kitsch and Retro.

2013-12-21 12.22.19

So, we took the bacon candy canes and the root beer.   What did we end up with?

I cool Forrest Gump CD and a lovely, just lovely, piece of art work.   It was so lovely that we don’t want to keep it to ourselves.

It will show up at a future Dirty Santa.

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