Icy Rum Punch from the Islands

It was 104 degrees F. last weekend here.   Although it has only been in the lower 90s thus far this week, I still need to beat the heat.

Welcome to the August round of C.L.U.E. where we are all trying to BEAT the HEAT!


I was the assigned blog-stalker for Stacy from Food Lust People Love this month.  Stacy is fascinating and has lived in “The Islands,” as well as the States, South America, and the Middle East.  Her food influences come from all over but are rooted in the Southern states like Louisiana and Texas.  Stacy currently resides in Dubai.

I went with an icy rum punch but there are many cool beverages on Stacy’s site.

Icy Rum Punch from the Islands
Original recipe from Food Lust People Love found here.  

1 c. sugar
1 c. boiling water
1 c. lime juice (about 4-5 large limes)
3 c. rum (Trinidad Amber rum if you can get it.)
4 c. filtered water
“A lot of shakes” of Angostura (Aromatic) Bitters
crushed ice

Make the simple sugar by combining the sugar and boiling water.   Stir until dissolved.   Let cool.

While simple syrup is cooling, juice the limes.

Combine all other ingredients.

Pour over crushed ice and add a bit more bitters (optional).

I loved that Stacy mixed this all up in a re-purposed liter bottle.  She says, “Of course, you can serve this in a pretty pitcher if you have guests but the reused water bottle fits wonderfully in my refrigerator door so I can enjoy rum punch for days. :)”

2015-08-11 18.18.51

Amen, sister.

Stacy actually spent some formative years in “The Islands,” Trinidad and Tobago to be specific, so this is an authentic recipe.  According to Stacy, the recipe for an authentic rum punch is simple:

One sour

Two sweet

Three strong

Four weak

I have to say that I have been dreaming (and drooling) about rum punch since I read An Embarrassment of Mangoesbut I have never made this beverage.   Thank you, Stacy, for lending me this recipe for my repertoire.

2015-08-11 18.18.57

I may not be in the islands, but this is the perfect drink for a hot and humid Oklahoma day.

Cook, Learn, Undertake and EAT (also known as the C.L.U.E. Society) is a similar to the board game of CLUE.   It involves secrecy, fun, challenge and cooperation with the other game playing members. But don’t be alarmed, there are no murders in our society.  Each month our members receive the name of a food blog and a theme. We lurk and hunt through our assigned blog to find a recipe that we adore and that fits the month’s theme.  Stay tuned for September when our theme will focus on apples.

Please check out all the other C.L.U.E. members and their recipes to BEAT the HEAT.


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