Please Meet Anna…..

I am sure you are all familiar with the acronym FUBAR.   If not, just Google it.

I use this acronym quite often.

I use it as a noun as in “The entire day was a FUBAR.”

I use it as a verb as in “I really FUBARed that up.”

Today’s post is to remedy a FUBAR and and an event I really FUBARed.

I belong to the C.L.U.E. Society, a group of like-minded bloggers that get together virtually every month to highlight each other’s recipes.   We are assigned another member, we peruse their blog, and then we make one of their great dishes and post about it.

Well, I hope I am still a member of the C.L.U.E. Society and I am trying to rectify my mistake FUBAR here.    You see, I was suppose to have highlighted Anna’s blog, Anna Dishes, for the August reveal last Wednesday.   Instead, I apparently assigned myself to Food Lust People Love (where I found a most delicious rum punch recipe).


Anna Dishes….my intended for August.


As soon as I realized my FUBAR (which was not until Saturday morning), I panicked.   I posted an apology on the C.L.U.E. Facebook page, messaged Anna, and begged forgiveness.

We dashed off to the farmer’s market and to run errands.   Luckily, I had a few ideas in mind.    Our theme for August was “Beat the Heat” and Anna had some amazing recipes.   I was torn between her Black Bean Salad and her Mediterranean Pasta Salad.

Since it was my FUBAR, I decided to do both.

The Black Bean Salad was super easy to put together and would have even been easier if I had used the recipe verbatim and used frozen corn as Anna directs.  But, the corn at the farmers market looked so good that we bought three ears for this recipe.

20150815_123927 (1)

Here’s a great tip for taking corn off the cob. Place the ear of corn in the center of a bundt pan. Cut off the corn, it falls into the pan….easy clean up.

I also couldn’t find red and yellow bell peppers at the market so I went with a green one and a purple one for this recipe.  I did throw in one jalapeno as well.  We loved it as a salad and we loved it as a salsa.



I made her Mediterranean Pasta Salad exactly as Anna instructs but swapped out the Sopresata for a hard salami.  This salad is chock full of veggies like broccoli, sweet peas, peppers, onions, cucumbers, artichokes, and chickpeas.


Anna is all about “flavors and flowers” and I might also add that Anna is all about graciousness.   (Again, Anna, I apologize.)

Please make sure you check out Anna’s recipes for Black Bean Salad and Mediterranean Pasta Salad.

I hope you all have a FUBAR-free week!

9 comments to Please Meet Anna…..

  • Hey, we’ve all had weeks that are solidly FUBAR, one thing after another. You have more than made up for it by making two recipes from Anna’s lovely blog. Since we are in salad mode, I’ll be trying them both as well soon.

  • You had me google for fubar only to realize that I do it quite often myself haha! The salads look perfect, here is freakin hot and these are the perfect meals!

  • That pasta salad looks so darn good! I love anything corn and bean – that’s a given – but I totally love this pasta dish. Going to try it soon!

  • ok, this whole thing has made me laugh …. at your expense. I’m going to copy and paste this post when I do the same thing. And I love the “assigned myself”. I did that once for a cookbook review event. We were to blog about three pre-chosen recipes and blog about them three weeks in a row. I assigned myself to some random recipe in the book that wasn’t part of the chosen. Panicked and Fubar is a perfect way to describe how I felt.

  • You are one gracious lady, too. You picked out two wonderful recipes—perfect this time of year!!!

  • Pam

    Yes, I’ve had fubar days myself, but you definitely corrected yours! 2 great recipes, perfect for summer!

  • I can just imagine your panic when you realized what you did. Something I would have done! I think you very decently made up for it and both of these recipes sound wonderful!

  • If that was the worst that happened last week it wasn’t too FUBAR at all. Just breathe…it’s only blogging and we are all big kids….we can deal with honest mistakes and if not we need to get lives.

  • kitchenriffs

    Yup, FUBAR is how we roll around here. Alas. 🙁 Anyway, your FURBAR turned out to be a good thing for all of us — these are two really great looking recipes you’ve introduced us to! Thanks so much.