May 2019 “In My Kitchen”

Welcome to May.   I have lots of tomatoes and peppers to put out in the garden (and by the time this posts, I certainly hope they are out of the greenhouse and vegging in the garden!

All Black Cherries

I have lots of Black Cherry tomatoes that I grew from seeds that I saved from last year’s harvest.  They are great for containers just FYI.

I really think I have about twenty Black Cherries started.  Here’s the rest of the future tomato crop:

  • San Marcos
  • Super Fantastic
  • Brandy Wine Red
  • Gold Rush
  • Al-Kuffa

Mom recently delivered some more tomato plants:  Black Krim, Amish Paste, Ox Heart, Mountain Fresh, and German Johnson.  Thanks, Mom!!

As for peppers, we love us some jalapenos.  We also picked up a couple of Brazilian Orchid peppers recently.  Our zoo hosted a plant sale on Earth Day.  We went for a couple of scoops of Zoo Poo for the garden.  We brought home a lot more plants (including those peppers).

A few of the peppers (and milkweed)

Besides the Brazilian Orchid pepper, here are some others we have going in the greenhouse:

  • Big Jim
  • Guajillo
  • Lipstick
  • Mini bells in gold, yellow and red.
  • Jedi Jalapeno
  • Biker Billy Jalapeno
  • Jalapeno Purple
  • Jalapeno Orange
  • Sweet Banana

Hopefully there will be some salsas and tomato preserves in the upcoming IMK posts at EE.

And, hopefully, there will be some stuffed peppers.

Pepper corer

The in-laws gave me this gadget.  Can’t wait to try it for stuffed peppers on the grill this summer.  (It might work better than the paring knife I use.)  🙂

At a recent staff meeting, some colleagues were talking about some great local products.  The pickles, they raved, were so good that you had to be careful not to eat a jarful in one sitting.  They also talked about a peach salsa and said you must get the hot version!  Where, I asked, do you find these delicacies?

At our local farm and ranch stores.    I stopped in on my way home.

The pickles are good, but I really think they taste like some my Uncle used to make.  You can find the recipe here.  The salsa is delicious, sweet and spicy and thick.  You do need to purchase the hot version, though.  I’m not sure the mild one would have enough “oomph.”

That’s about it for the kitchen.  But, I have read some fantastic culinary books.

I recently finished Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl (love her).   This might be my favorite memoir of hers.  Look for a separate post here soon.  You can see all my Ruth fan-girl rants here.  

I highly recommend this read.

Because of the April Food ‘n Flix feature film, Spinning Plates, I picked up Grant Aschatz’ memoir.

Life, on the Line is a fascinating and heartbreaking tale of a truly creative genius.  If you haven’t seen Spinning Plates, seek it out immediately.  I loved it so much I did three posts about it:

Simple Guacamole

Charcuterie Burger with Sauce Gribiche and Apple

Tri-Berry Pie


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7 comments to May 2019 “In My Kitchen”

  • Looks like that you are going to have a busy SUMMER! I haven’t watched Spinning Plates yet..thanks for the recommendation, Deb.

  • Mae

    Your gardening plans are impressive! I hope some farmers somewhere near me are working on the peppers and tomatoes that I will buy from them next summer! But that is the closest i get to gardening.

    best… mae at

  • i love ruth reichl!! i didn’t know she had a new book out. must buy!:-) thanks for joining in IMK again. much appreciated. good on you for having a marvellous garden. when you say peppers, i have to remind myself they are chillies. and zoo poo! what a wonderful idea. i wonder if our zoos do that too? have a great May cheers sherry

  • Can’t wait to see the results of all of those chiles!! Did you see the Chef’s Table episode about Grant Aschatz’? I think if may have been season one or two. It’s was great. I’d love to read the book. Glad you like Save the plums, because I put it on hold last week and can’t wait to read it.

  • I am so jealous of your garden. It gets so hot here quickly that it’s hard to garden in the summer. We are already getting 90 degree days. Your plants are beautiful!

    Thanks for highlighting Ruth’s latest book – I didn’t even know about it.

  • I’m not a tomato eater but Mr Tiffin is. Still, I’m intrigued by the idea of a black cherry tomato. So, is the pepper grill a type of stand that the peppers sit in? If so, does it sit on the grill (bbq) or underneath the grill (broiler)? Hot Peach Pickle sounds like something I need to have a go at when peaches are next n season here. I love Spinning Plates – what a movie! I did a review myself, some time ago:

    And here’s my IMK post for this month!

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation of Save me the Plums. Just finished it and loved it! Darn… I now really wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my Gourmet’s in a garage sale. I had years of them!