“In My Kitchen” May 2022

Welcome May!

Spring weather has been with us for some time in Oklahoma.  Our last freeze was in mid April.   I hope as this posts that I have the tomatoes and peppers in the garden, the bananas back in their bed, and all of the potted plants back on the patio.  (Hopefully there might be a photo or two to post.  If nothing is here, I didn’t get these tasks done.)

The whiskey is from a November trip to Tennessee. The mint is from the garden.

Truly, when I started writing this post, the only new thing in the kitchen was some Butterfly Pea Tea that I ordered to whip up some cocktails for Movies & Munchies.

You can read more about Butterfly Pea Tea and the magically color changing cocktail here.

I added to our farm bag order for some Honey Sumac Hummus Mix.  I haven’t tried it yet but I am looking forward to some beet red hummus.

Tulsa has a new Yelp Community Ambassador and we recently got to re-meet her at the local panadería.   I’ve been wanting a Yelp mug and it was included in our swag! 

I received a surprise in the mail recently.

It’s a new Taste of Home cookbook.  There was a small slip of paper in the envelope stating that I was a runner-up in a recent recipe contest.

Honestly, I don’t know what I entered.   I think it might have been this recipe:  Chicken Stir-Fry with Celery and Green Beans for a “one-pan” recipe contest.

There’s never a hint as to what recipe won until it’s posted.   I’ve been pretty successful with Taste of Home contests but I rarely get in the money.  I’ve received quite a few of their publications as prizes.  This Ground Beef publication looks like it does have a lot of great recipes in it so I am thankful for some new recipes that might get me inspired.

Like I mentioned above, I’ve been pretty lucky with Taste of Home contests.  Here’s some other winners:

Pina Colada Cake

Taste of Home’s professional photo on top. My photo on bottom.

Herb-Vinaigrette Potato Salad

photo credit Taste of Home

Maple-Chai Pumpkins Muffins

Smoked Turkey Salad with Raspberries

photo credit Taste of Home

Rustic Eggplant Dip

Bruschetta Pizza

Taste of Home credit

For the curve ball this month, here’s a Newt update.

One of my best friends got him a squeaky toy!   He loves it but he doesn’t get to have it all the time.  🙂

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9 comments to “In My Kitchen” May 2022

  • Didn’t see any plants. Our beds warmed up just enough this week to plant the tomatoes and peppers. It will still be a couple of weeks before it’s warm enough for significant growth though. Congratulations on runner-up! Always a big kudos. I can hear why the squeaky toy is part-time. 🙂

  • i love your curveball. Newt is cute! Lots of fab recipes in your post. isn’t it great to win something? I won a raffle recently; i was amazed. I never win! Thanks muchly for joining IMK this month. take care cheers sherry

  • Congrats on the runner-up! Always nice to be recognized. Fun kitchen tour, particularly Newt. Thanks!

  • I had to laugh about Newt and the squeaky toy. Years ago, my mother bought a squeaky toy for their little chihuahua. It didn’t last a day until it was hidden away in a garage cabinet, only to come out on rare occasions.

  • Newt is such a cutie! That pina colada cake look divine and now you have me wanting to get Taste of Home cookbook to see if i can find your recipes!

  • Squeaky toys are not for night time! Congrats on the win, and I have seen Butterfly Pea Tea being used in recipes for kids 🙂

  • Liz

    Our puppy, Shanna, would have destroyed that toy in a heartbeat! She goes after the squeaker. Congratulations on placing in that contest. It has never occurred to me to enter one, what fun! I will have to think about it.

  • Oh that squeaky toy is adorable! Lots of beautiful things in your kitchen this month. I love the colour of that butterfly pea, what an intense beauty! I love the pina colada cake too, I always love cake 🙂

  • That Pina Colada cake looks fab! Has my mouth watering!