“In My Kitchen” June 2022 (or rather In My Garden)

It was a busy May, for sure.

School business was wrapped up. It’s time for home officing again. Please note, however that that does not mean that things slow down. It simply means I could spend the day at the computer in shorts, tees, and no shoes 🙂 It’s also time for a few trips to the main office and I recently spent a week there prepping for summer work.

Again, I haven’t spent a huge amount of time in the kitchen but we have gotten the garden in.  Seriously, I spent one whole weekend regaining two gardens (read weeding).  We have tomatoes planted everywhere (read gardens, flowerbeds, patio pots).  And we recently celebrated the harvest, if meagerly.  

These are Black Cherry tomatoes.  We harvested the seeds last year ourselves.  Now the cycle has come full circle.

Going back to the garden, we have zuchinni and spaghetti squash coming up along with okra.  I planted some French green beans but they aren’t up yet (and who knows if they will b/c the seeds were very old).

I transplanted some chard that I over-wintered in the green house (along with more tomato plants).

There are a variety of pepper plants as well, like jalapenos, sweet bells and two habanero.  Most of the bananas over-wintered (in dormancy in the garage).   I think we only lost one.

Hopefully, we will be highlighting more produce “In the Kitchen” in the upcoming summer.

When I was out of town working last week, I stumbled upon Crumbl Cookie.  (Heard of it?)

These are huge cookies, served up warm.  L-R:  Chocolate chip, brownie, lemon, and S’mores.I also ate this delicious sandwich at The Mule (Edmond).  I so want to recreate this at home.  It was delicious.  (If you’re not from Oklahoma, this is a reference to the Port of Catoosa, only for the mushroom allusion though.)

Disaster!  We wanted to celebrate one of our admin teams so I volunteered myself to make cakes.  Here is how the margarita cake turned out.  It did not make it to the celebration.

And for the curveball this month there’s another Newt update.  This was one of his first brewery visits and helping in the yard.

He also had his first boat ride yesterday.  He did great!

Happy summer!

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6 comments to “In My Kitchen” June 2022 (or rather In My Garden)

  • mae

    Your garden is amazing — so much potential for lots of vegetables, including tomatoes already. We are far behind your seasons.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • This is the time of year when I really wish I had a garden. I used to plant Black Cherry tomatoes, they certainly pack a lot of flavor in one small mouthful.

  • Newt is so cute! Tomato relish recipe coming up on the blog around mid-month! thanks for joining in IMK.

  • We have a small garden, but enjoy it hugely. Yours looks great! Thanks.

  • I’ve never seen black cherry tomatoes. Our cherry tomatoes are fading now in the heat. Newt is adorbale and what a life he has!
    Impressive garden.

  • How nice to already be getting tomatoes! We have some on the plants, but they haven’t started to turn yet. Sounds like you are going to have quite a bounty this year. Can’t wait to see what all you get. Bummer on the cake! Just hate it when that happens. Newt is such a cutie.