A Difficult Movies & Munchies Post

Why is this Movies & Munchies post difficult this month?  Our typical movies are usually rom/coms, maybe family dramas and totally (usually) revolve around food.

Then why was this month’s feature The Road?   You can see why this was a difficult post.  In fact, I almost passed on posting this month.

The film itself is well acted and has some big hitters (Viggo Mortenson, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Molly Parker and even Robert Duvall).   But it’s a more than post-Apocalyptic.  It’s the end.

How was I going to tie food into this and not sound trite?   I had no idea.

As The Man and The Boy journey South in a world of ash (and ironically pouring rain), there is nothing.  There’s no game and nothing to forage.  They rely on finding leftover food that hasn’t been picked over or secret prepper caches.

They find home canned goods twice during their travels.  The Man, first worried about botulism,  passes on some canned tomatoes.  The next time they fined home canned food, he takes it and just states they will have to boil it very well.

(I read the book as well for Lit Happens so if I am confusing plots here, I apologize.)

I had lots of tomatoes and even more jalapenos so I spent one weekend canning salsa and jalapeno relish.  As they sat on the counter cooling and sealing from their water bath, I wondered what desperate people would do if they ever found these jars in my pantry.  Would they drink the salsa right out of the jar and not worry about how careful I was with the processing?    Or would they pass and move down the starving highway?  

I’m linking to the jalapeno relish recipe (which is delicious on a grilled hot dog with cream cheese and raspberry jam–seriously—don’t knock it until you try it).  I used the Zesty Salsa recipe out my favorite Ball preserving book.

I did enjoy the book (as much as one can enjoy that) and I was glad I watched the movie.   There is hope in both and perhaps it seems a bit more prevalent in the film version.

I am glad I read both the book and watch this film, so thanks Wendy.   You see her announcement post here.

4 comments to A Difficult Movies & Munchies Post

  • I didn’t have the stomach to watch the movie. But the book was compelling.

    • Actually, the film was more hopeful and not as graphic as the novel. But, you know when you imagine for yourself what you read in print.

  • Thanks for joining in Debra. Home canned goods are a perfect share for this film and book. I love that zesty salsa recipe from Ball. It’s my go-to as well.

  • mae

    Your adventure in survival cuisine does sound challenging! I think there are a lot of books like that because it is one of the shared fears that we all have, and in small ways it seems to be getting closer and closer to our reality.
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com