Freezing Blackberries

I said that the last post was my last blackberry jam post. It was not my last blackberry post.

I still had a few more quarts to go. I was tired of making jam so I decided to freeze the rest for pies and cobblers and making them much later. . . . → Read More: Freezing Blackberries

Food ‘n Flix post: The Help

This month’s Food ‘n Flix feature is “The Help.” Please keep reading for a southern fried okra treat. . . . → Read More: Food ‘n Flix post: The Help

Freezing peaches

I wish my mom were here. As an old home ec. teacher, she knows the answer to everything. I have called her a couple of times during Peach-palooza, but if she were here visiting, it would have saved me lots of time on the internet.

With almost a full bushel of peaches and nectarines to . . . → Read More: Freezing peaches