Spiced Peach Cobbler with Sourdough Topping for TLC Book Tour and Glory Road

A novel about strong Southern women, family dynamics, realistic romance, peach cobbler…. What more could one want? . . . → Read More: Spiced Peach Cobbler with Sourdough Topping for TLC Book Tour and Glory Road

Ginger-Peach Jam (Freezer Version and Traditional)

I must praise the book my mom got me for an uber early birthday:  The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.   For more information and praises on this book, click here for an earlier post.

Since work is still super busy, I am pulling this draft out of the archives from peach season . . . → Read More: Ginger-Peach Jam (Freezer Version and Traditional)

Peachy Keen Granola Bars

Patiently waiting for spring here.

I am tired of the record lows.

I am tired of the snow, sleet, and ice in March.

I am ready for warm temperatures, working in the yard and garden, and harvesting our produce.

As I was experiencing another snow day earlier this month (and don’t get me wrong, I . . . → Read More: Peachy Keen Granola Bars

Spiced Peach Jam with Brandy

Our white peaches ripened (along with all the grapes and a peck of cucumbers). . . . → Read More: Spiced Peach Jam with Brandy

Blackberry Jam Dressing with Basil

The growing season is here.   Yeah!   I am ready for home grown veggies and fruit for salad.   Unfortunately, all I have harvested so far is carrots, beets and a bit of lettuce.    We did buy some peaches (allegedly from east Texas) during our recent trip to Houston.   We are trying to eat them all but . . . → Read More: Blackberry Jam Dressing with Basil

Peach-Raspberry Crumble with Amaretto

It is Secret Recipe Club time again. Check out this recipe for a crumble with coconut oil and Amaretto! . . . → Read More: Peach-Raspberry Crumble with Amaretto

Peach Jam Muffins

Since Peach-palooza started,  I embarked on a jam making frenzy.   I made some frou-frou jam flavors like nectarine-ginger and white peach marmalade.   I also made some regular freezer jam.  (I just use whatever recipe is listed inside the pectin box for freezer jam.)    I have stated before that freezer jams use less sugar and do . . . → Read More: Peach Jam Muffins

Peach “Sleep Over” Oatmeal

Let this set in the fridge over night to “sleep over.” You will have a perfect summer breakfast in a jar (made even better by using summer’s ripest peaches). . . . → Read More: Peach “Sleep Over” Oatmeal

Freezing peaches

I wish my mom were here.    As an old home ec. teacher, she knows the answer to everything.   I have called her a couple of times during Peach-palooza, but if she were here visiting, it would have saved me lots of time on the internet.

With almost a full bushel of peaches and nectarines to . . . → Read More: Freezing peaches

Stone Fruit pie

In trying to use up the remainder of the peaches and nectarines,  I decided to make a mixed pie adding both white and yellow peaches with nectarines.  The results:   one delicious ugly a** pie.

I cannot make pie crusts to save my soul.   It is quite obvious.

One ugly a** pie and one not . . . → Read More: Stone Fruit pie

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