Livin’ Large at the Lake.

Can life get any better than this?

We absolutely fell in love with our friends’  property and lake house.  Besides just minding the property, we are also in charge of two lovable collies, a parrot, and one fish.

I think I want to move.  (I am so impressionable.  I state this after every vacation!)

But seriously,  the tidiness and neatness of this little lake house got us to thinking.  We definitely have too much stuff.  I really want to go home and declutter and downsize.

Let’s just take the kitchen for example.  I have so many gadgets and devices and drawer upon drawer of all sorts of tools.  I did take my favorite tools to the lake with us,  but I am getting along fine without the Kitchen Aid, the Cuisinart, and the blender.  I think it is time to go back to basics,  baby.

I see a large load going to Goodwill soon.

But, back to “Livin’  Larger at the Lake.”   After experiencing it, here is another homage to Lake Life:

Coffee just tastes better at six A.M. as you watch the sunrise from the deck.

One can notice all the small things like how hummingbirds come to drink off the dew on the red bud tree.

An awesome pastime is to count how many fish you can see jumping in the early morning hours.

The best night cap is taking a leisurely boat ride at dusk on the calm waters.

So far,  I can’t see any downside to this lifestyle.

Sunrise across the water.

What’s for lunch today?  Easy sandwiches and ice cold tea.

Turkey and Hummus Wraps
Simple and easy for the lake

1/4 lb. sliced maple-glazed turkey
2 whole wheat wraps
1/4 c. prepared garlic hummus
1 tomato sliced thin
1 cucumber sliced paper thin

Spread hummus on center of wrap.  Layer with turkey, tomatoes, and cucumber.   Wrap up and eat!  Serve with the extra tomato slices on the side.

Lucky for us, there are a couple of produce stands here where we bought some great large tomatoes and cucumbers!


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