Orange Blossom Panna Cotta with Campari Foam

I adore panna cotta and I definitely do not make it enough.     Panna cotta was the perfect dessert choice for the end of our Modern Italian Cooking class with Chef Marcus of Tavolo.

Orange Blossom Panna Cotta
From Chef Marcus Vause of Tavolo 

1 qt. cream
1 T. orange juice
1 t. orange blossom water
1 t. orange zest
3/4 c. sugar
1 envelope gelatin

In a sauce pan, combine cream, juice, orange blossom water, zest and sugar.     Stir to combine.   Sprinkle gelatin over cream mixture.

Heat mixture over medium heat until sugar and gelatin has dissolved.

Pour into ramekins and place in refrigerator to set, at least three hours.

Chef Marcus topped this with a Campari foam.     The first time I tried Campari, I hated it.   Too bitter, I thought.    It is an acquired taste but I now use it in jams, baking, and instead of Contreau in margaritas.   Is that a sacrilege?     The Campari foam was the perfect accompaniment for the sweet panna cotta.


Chef Marcus “foaming” Campari onto the panna cotta.

To create the foam, Chef Marcus just combined the Compari and simple syrup in a cream whipping canister.


Orange Blossom Panna Cotta with Campari Foam

The panna cotta may not look the best, but it was delicious.   (Doesn’t that foam look almost like an egg yolk?)

Besides the super expensive immersion circulator, I now have a cream whipper on my Christmas list as well.   I will have to be super-duper extra good this year.


This is another pricey gadget I want now (also from W-S).

Postscript:   I had to laugh as I was proofing this post.  I left the “q” off of the cream measurement.   I was having a difficult time figuring out Chef’s recipe for Panna Cotta with just 1 t. of cream.   Thank goodness I still had the original recipes from our class.    Aha—-1 qt. makes a lot more sense!  🙂

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