I am a cookbook-aholic.

Hello, my name is Debra.   I have a problem.  (That’s the first step, correct?)

As the books start to stack up everywhere, I have to admit I have a problem with novels, biographies, memoirs, anthologies, art books…and COOKBOOKS.

In my mind, I make multiple commitments and resolutions NOT to buy any more cookbooks.

Then, I read a review.   I must have it!

Or, I find a rare retro cookbook in an antique shop.   It’s too good to pass up.

Sometimes, I am searching the web and find out a favorite cookbook author has published a new one (like Ruth Reichl, most recently Rachel Saunders, or in the past Anthony Bourdain, RIP).    I have to complete my sets.

Then, someone sends me a cookbook to review. But, that doesn’t count, right?

This is not all of them.

One Saturday recently, I had the time and energy to start a list of my cookbook library.  I really want to create a definitive list….Can a definitive list be infinite?


Stay tuned for highlights from these many cookbooks.  I vow (at least to try my darndest) to post a recipe from the featured cookbook of the week from my collection.

We will see if I can follow through with this or not…..


(I tried to do a Cookbook of the Month theme a few years ago with less than a modicum of success.)

Wish me luck!

12 comments to I am a cookbook-aholic.

  • Oooo I’m into rare retro / vintage cookbooks. Whatcha got?

  • Mae

    “Louise,” who blogged at Months of Edible Celebrations, used to have her fans do “Cookbook Wednesday,” which was a fun way to showcase cookbooks and see what other people were using. Unfortunately when she died her blog disappeared from the Web. I hope you find some followers who will join in your efforts, which seem like a great idea.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • That’s a great idea! And yes, the first step is admitting you are a cookbook-aholic! I love it!

    I remember Louise from Months of Edible Celebrations. She was a nice lady and her real name was Denise. She as short, like me, and had a great outlook on life. If you start a recipe post project on your books I’d love to read it.

    • Well, I originally was just posting myself. Maybe if I figure out how to use Inlinkz….I hadn’t even thought of it until Mae mentioned it.

  • When I saw the name of your post my response was “no kidding!” with a little giggle. 🙂 I used to be this way, but ran out of room. Looking forward to see more of what your many, many cookbooks have to offer.

  • I can certainly relate. When we moved from New England, I sold hundreds of my cookbooks. Some people commented that they looked like new.

  • I sympathise, i have a similar problem. I have tried to cook from my books, but i still have some purchased a decade ago that i’ve never cooked from. Must try harder. Best of luck!