Food ‘n Flix for July: Coyote Ugly and a Spicy Mule

Welcome to July’s Food ‘n Flix feature, Coyote Ugly, presented by Kimberly at Coffee and Casseroles I am pretty sure I have never seen Coyote Ugly all the way through.  I know I didn’t see it when it came out and I think I’ve just caught snippets of it when it aired on TV.  Obviously, I’ve been aware of the film and the popularity of the bar in NYC (and other franchises since the movie’s release).  I do have to share one memory that I think of whenever I hear “Coyote Ugly.”  (Please bear with me.)

Anyone who has ever worked in a public school setting will relate to this.   The first person you must make friends with and keep on your side is the janitor.  This seems especially true in smaller schools.   It’s not the superintendent or principal that runs the school, it’s the janitor.

I was lucky to have a very kind, motherly, pragmatic, and sensible janitor take me under  her wing my first year of teaching.  This same woman worked as the primary janitor for my entire career in this same small school.  I relied on her tremendously when I became a principal.

Sadly, she passed away suddenly and her family, the community and the school was at a loss for weeks (if not years).  The point of this tale is that at her funeral while we were all trying to cope with tears and emotion through a power point of her life in pictures, up popped a photo of her wearing a Coyote Ugly T-shirt.  The school gymnasium where her funeral was being held erupted in giggles and laughter.  It was much needed.    We all surmised that the T-shirt was bought for her by one of her sons or grandsons.   She was smiling proudly as she wore it.

So, that’s my Coyote Ugly tale.

As for the film, it was light and enjoyable viewing on a weekend afternoon.   It made me want to be a young woman in the 90s, moving off to NYC without a care (a la Sex and the City).  I knew as soon as I saw the announcement for July’s film that I would be making a cocktail.  Even though beer and hard liquor straight up seems to be the norm for Coyote Ugly (Hell No H2O!), I was sure a cocktail would be in order.   I waffled back and forth between a couple of ideas (all involving spice) and landed on a Spicy Moscow Mule.  Besides, I wanted to use my copper cups.

First, infuse the vodka.

Jalapeno-Infused Vodka

Good for this spicy mule but also good for a Bloody Mary.


  • 1 c. vodka
  • 1 jalapeno, sliced


First, infuse the vodka: Place 1 c. of vodka and 1 sliced jalapeno in a pint jar. Shake and let set 8 hours or over night. Make this in the morning for afternoon cocktails.

Truth be told, I didn’t have time to make my cocktails that afternoon, so this infusion sat for two full days.   It is spicy vodka.   (You might need some H2O for a chaser.)   WARNING:  This was some hot stuff.   After I drank my mule I noticed that my bottom lip was really chapped.  I don’t know if it was the mule or if I had sunburned it the weekend before at the lake…which is highly possible.  Anywhoo, be aware and only infuse for no more than 8 hours or add less jalapenos.)  

Spicy Moscow Mule


For a cocktail with less of a kick, adjust the jalapenos in the infusion.


  • 2 oz. infused vodka
  • 1 oz. lime juice
  • 3-4 oz. ginger beer, chilled


  1. After vodka is infused, strain. Save the jalapenos for garnishes.
  2. Place 2 oz. of the infused vodka and lime juice in copper cup. Drop in 2-3 ice cubes and stir. Top off with ginger beer, garnish with a lime wedge and jalapeno slices. Serve.

Yield: 1 (at a time)

Another truth, I squeezed all my limes for juice and didn’t have anything left for a garnish.


If you need even more of a kick, serve a shot of the spicy vodka on the side, but have a shot or two of H2O available.   (This infusion is great in a Bloody Mary, too!)  For another spicy mule, check out an older post for Cook the Books when I infused vodka with hot pepper flakes.    If you don’t have fresh jalapenos, this will do.  For another interesting infusion, you might check out my Winter-Spiced Vodka as well.

Join the FnF bunch in August for all things Harry Potter.  Tina at Squirrel Head Manor is hosting.   Maybe I will whip up some Butterbeer for that.  Who knows?

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