My Garden Vow (along with some tips and newly gleaned knowledge)

I recently attended a garden workshop, held at the Tulsa Garden Center and hosted by a local horticultural guru. I was excited to attend the paid event for a couple of reasons: I needed a jump start on my garden motivation AND we got a bit of swag.

I should have been anticipating the wealth . . . → Read More: My Garden Vow (along with some tips and newly gleaned knowledge)

Cacti and Succulents

Every spring I get the gardening fever early. However, we are lucky enough to have a greenhouse and so we can “garden” all winter. This year, we packed the greenhouse with all sorts of cacti and succulents. We transferred them all from the patio so they could survive the winter. This process took a lot . . . → Read More: Cacti and Succulents

Seed planting

We’ve planted lots of seeds for the upcoming garden season—tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and peppers. . . . → Read More: Seed planting

Meyer Lemon Almond Bars

Meyer Lemon Almond Bars

I have been painstakingly nurturing a Meyer lemon tree for years now. It has survived being moved back and forth from the greenhouse to the patio, a couple of tremendous windstorms (one even turning it over and breaking the large clay pot it was in), leaf drop and curl, and . . . → Read More: Meyer Lemon Almond Bars

Kale and kale recipes

I wondered whether or not I would take to this new green being grown in our garden. The verdict? Read on and see. . . . → Read More: Kale and kale recipes

Rose Scented Geraniums

An aromatic but overlooked herb. . . . → Read More: Rose Scented Geraniums

Old Fashioned Flowers

My grandmother always had a potted geranium on her laundry bench. I now applaud her for trying to keep a bit of spring color going all winter long. . . . → Read More: Old Fashioned Flowers

New Plantings—I want some salad!

Getting a jump on spring—planting carrots, radish, lettuces, and spinach in the greenhouse. . . . → Read More: New Plantings—I want some salad!

My tropical escape…

One of my most favorite things when it is cold out is to rush home to the greenhouse. If it is sunny all day, the temperature inside will be at least a balmy 70 degrees. I absolutely love the peacefulness after a rough day. See what I mean?

. . . → Read More: My tropical escape…

Our new pets

I was really beginning to worry about our lemon tree. After harvesting four nice lemons, it immediately bloomed again. And, then came out the aphids. It was covered with them (as was our hibiscus, fuchsia, and trumpet flower).

I hated the thought of spraying the entire greenhouse contents with insecticidal soap, so I went a . . . → Read More: Our new pets