August 2021 “In My Kitchen”

Lots of tomatoes in the kitchen this month. . . . → Read More: August 2021 “In My Kitchen”

July 2021 “In My Kitchen”

I believe I skipped the last couple of months of “In My Kitchen” and while I didn’t gain a lot of new gadgetry in the kitchen, I still wanted to check in and share.

First, I was thrilled to announce on July 1st that I am a finalist in a Taste of Home cooking contest. . . . → Read More: July 2021 “In My Kitchen”

A Review: Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ

I new cookbook, some new BBQ techniques and a plethora of new (and delicious recipes). Here’s what’s new “In My Kitchen.” . . . → Read More: A Review: Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ

April 2021 “In My Kitchen”

What’s happening? We’ve got some wine, fresh produce, a new cookbook, and PIZZA. Check out what else is new “In My Kitchen.” . . . → Read More: April 2021 “In My Kitchen”

“In My Kitchen” March 2021

Let’s see, besides Snowmageddon, what’s been happening at EE for February? A Valentine’s Day dinner, some new towels, a great tea find, Penzey spices, and hoarding canning lids. See what else is happening “In My Kitchen.” . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” March 2021

“In My Kitchen” February 2021

There’s one or two new cookbooks “In My Kitchen.” Here’s a review of Momofuku Milk Bar by Cristina Tosi (along with a few other happenings from last month). . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” February 2021

Hot & Spicy Black-Eyed Pea Dip (and “In My Kitchen” for January 2021!)

Here’s a great dip for your New Year’s day table. This post is also my “In My Kitchen” January 2021 edition. Welcome to the New Year!!!!! . . . → Read More: Hot & Spicy Black-Eyed Pea Dip (and “In My Kitchen” for January 2021!)

“In My Kitchen” December 2020

2020 is winding down. Thank goodness. Has anyone bought the 2020 plague T-shirts out there yet like this?

Or this?

Me neither. I would just rather forget.

I hope everyone stateside had a safe masked or distanced Thanksgiving. Let’s hope for large quantities of vaccine for December.

Now, on to more pleasant things…things . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” December 2020

“In My Kitchen” November 2020

This month I offer up a cookbook review, some late harvest preservation and a favorite tea. There might also be some non-partisan election musings (in a totally hopeful way). . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” November 2020

“In My Kitchen” October 2020

“In My Kitchen” this month: a bit of garden produce, a new coffee accessory, a book (imagine that!), and preservation. . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” October 2020