Cherry Lemon Vanilla Margaritas

2014-04-25 17.06.33

Happy Cinco de Mayo, ya’ll! This will be one of the obligatory margarita postings for today’s holiday, but I hope you keep reading….it is extraordinary! . . . → Read More: Cherry Lemon Vanilla Margaritas

Lemon Pancakes with Dark Sweet Cherries

2013-12-25 09.56.03

During the winter brrr, what’s better for breakfast than a little citrus flavor?

I found the original recipe in Joy of Cooking  after finding some near dead and departed lemons on the cabinet last summer.   This recipe was delicious and made super thick, delicious pancakes.    I wanted to tweak the recipe a bit and . . . → Read More: Lemon Pancakes with Dark Sweet Cherries

Cherry-Sriracha Cocktail

2013-07-26 17.14.29

During my time at the lake this summer and my magazine reading marathon, I saw an ad for Texas Pete hot sauce and a cocktail recipe.    I decided that it sounded interesting and that a cherry-sriracha cocktail might just be an interesting combo.  (We love sriracha.)   I saved this recipe then to use in . . . → Read More: Cherry-Sriracha Cocktail

The Muddler

The Muddler from Eliot's Eats

A recipe for a refreshing cherry cocktail and mocktail. . . . → Read More: The Muddler

Cinco de Mayo Margaritas


If you have been a long time reader of EE, you may remember that The Hubs and I have a freud feud around May 5 of every year.    (Seriously, I was not trying to be funny.  I actually typed “Freud”  first.   Wow.   I have to pause for a minute to read a LOT into that . . . → Read More: Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

Cherry Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dark Sweet Cherry Cupcakes with Amaretto Buttercream . . . → Read More: Cherry Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

A Healthy Willy Wonka Treat? Here’s the latest Cook the Books post.

wonka wonka

How would Charlie “healthify” the Chocolate Factory? Maybe with Frozen Dark Sweet Cherry Yogurt with Chocolate and Amaretto. . . . → Read More: A Healthy Willy Wonka Treat? Here’s the latest Cook the Books post.

Valentine’s Day Cherry-Raspberry Crisp

Happy Valentine's Day!

At least our V-Day dessert won’t have to suffer during our pantry and freezer Clean Out. We have enough frozen cherries and raspberries to make a romantic dessert. . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day Cherry-Raspberry Crisp

Dark Sweet Cherry Muffins with Almonds

Enjoy with coffee or a cup of tea.

I am still finding all sorts of goodies in the bottom of the freezer and in the pantry. What did I find today? More of our giant dark sweet cherries and a bag of almonds. . . . → Read More: Dark Sweet Cherry Muffins with Almonds

Sangria Again?


After a day of remodeling and DIY projects, I threw together an improvised sangria for much needed patio time. . . . → Read More: Sangria Again?